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Human Design

Human Design is an amazing tool that draws on ancient and modern wisdoms, including the I'Ching, Astrology, the Chakra system and the Kabbalah. By blending science and spirit, it allows us to take a detailed look at who we really are. 

With our exact birth data, we can see our own unique energy mapped out in a chart. Using this incredible information, we can learn who we really are, what we came to do, how we function best, what is (and isn’t) truly ‘us’ and go on to live our absolute best lives. 

I offer readings to beginners as well as those who've been in their experiment for a while. Choose from a live reading or check out my new e-book to learn about the 'big three' in your own design.

If you'd like to book me to speak about Human Design at your event, please get in touch with more details.

Chart reading

In my chart readings, I explain what HD is and what it can be used for, then talk you through the different layers of your chart. 

Attuned to your experience, this session is perfect for beginners or those who've explored their chart already and have questions. We can speak about your own HD experiment and how you might boost your experience using what's in your design.

You'll receive a digital copy of your chart and a full hour to dive into your design with me on Zoom.

In case you were curious... I'm a quad left, split definition, 6/2 Sacral Generator who's up on the roof and in the fifth year of my experiment.

"Ciara is passionate about Human Design and makes the info easy to digest. These readings have helped me to understand my path. They've unlocked something in me and given me the strength to make changes that have truly enriched my life."

- Sabrina, United Kingdom

'Your Big Three' e-book

Designed for beginners and anyone keen to nail the basics, my new e-book helps you build solid foundations when starting your Human Design experiment.

Inside you'll find out what Human Design is and how to use it, as well as discovering your Type, Strategy and Authority (the big three). Enjoy helpful next steps for leaning into your design, plus cool extras like understanding the centres and how to release conditioning.

I've written a different guide for each Type, according to your authority. Either let me know your Type and Authority, or you can share your birth details and I'll send you the correct one.


Astrogeography is an amazing tool to use for self-discovery and personal development, one that offers us support in coming into better alignment with our true selves. Using your exact birth data, Astrogeography tells you where the main heavenly bodies were at the time you were born and where they left a ‘trail’ of energy across the Earth. 

My readings explain where these energy trails are imprinted and how you can access their power, no matter where you are in the world. I also share how they contribute to your personality and your journey during this lifetime.

Unveil your birth lines, discover energies impacting you right now and learn how to use it. Zoom audio or phone call. 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Digital booklet. A one-to-one live session tailored to suit your Astrogeography experience. We'll cover lines closest to where you were born, lines impacting you right now (and how to handle them), plus areas in the world of interest to you. 45mins.

Intro to Astrogeography e-book: A written reading that introduces your birth lines, Sun and Moon lines, as well as helping you get started at reading your own Astrogeography chart. A great place to begin your journey!

Card Readings

I offer intuitive readings with Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards, to help you take the next right step on your path. Connecting to spirit via the cards, I convey their insights on a situation, event or experience in your life. 

These readings are often helpful when you find yourself unable to make a choice, need some objectivity or are seeking some kindness and support.

The cards can reveal insights about any area of life you’re interested in. Choose from Tarot, moon oracle or angel card decks. Recorded and sent to you. Digital booklet.

"These guides offer a more relatable exploration of Human Design than most existing texts, so it’s easier to see yourself through the lens of HD. They set a foundation while being actionable - what a treat!"

- Lori, United States

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