Written in the Heavens

There's something special about consulting the stars when you're curious about what's coming. 

I undertake a great deal of research which I distill into accessible language so my readings are insightful but easy-to-digest, and include practical tips about handling whatever is ahead.

All of my services offer guidance to people wanting to reconnect and honour their true selves. I've delighted in Astrology for around two decades, applying its magic to my own life, as well as on behalf of my clients.

Scroll to see what sort of info I share in my Astrology readings. To book, please get in touch via my contact page.

Astrology Services

Moon Diary

Welcome the magic of the Moon into your life with this insightful guide and workbook. Designed as a perpetual lunar diary, it reveals the sacred power within each face of the Moon and shares rituals to help you glisten in her glow. Also includes exercises and journalling questions to help you go deeper. A great resource. Pre-order now for £22.


Astro Insights

Discover what the planets have in store for you with this informative written reading. Intuitive chart interpretation using Western Astrology, covering key transits you need to know about. £250


Your Mercury Retrograde

Get ahead of the game and know what to expect with personal written interpretation of how the next Retrograde will impact your life. Also covers what and when, plus how to enjoy it! £250

"Ciara's readings are for those looking to learn more about themselves. It will help clear your mind and empower you to move forward with confidence."

- Diana, Portugal

Revealed: my Astro Insights reading

For those curious to see a little of what arrives in my readings, here are some short excerpts from a recent Astro Insights session...

My client was experiencing a ‘crossroads’ scenario with her career, wondering which road might be best to take. First, I looked at her natal Saturn to see what the taskmaster had to say…

“Your Saturn is in Leo in your 2nd house. In Leo, Saturn wants to be seen for its dedicated work. Recognition. This is like a triple whammy what with you being a Projector and a 6/2 profile. Recognition is so valuable to you. Knowing that patience and dedication pays off is a big lesson. So is not dimming your own light - recognising yourself is healing…”

If I am aware of your Human Design or Astrogeography, I will tailor whatever reading I’m doing accordingly. This helps you understand how to apply what I’m speaking about in a practical way that suits your unique energy.

It’s helpful to take a glance at where transiting Saturn is as wherever it goes, lessons arise. Lessons that allow opportunities to rise on your soul’s journey…

“Transiting Saturn is in Pisces in your 9th house. Pisces brings ethereal, other-worldly dreaming, pretty much the antithesis of Saturn so it’s not an easy ride through this sign. Being in your 9th house means we’re looking at higher learning and expansion…”

Next I spoke about the aspects Saturn was making in her chart…

“Transiting Saturn is squaring your natal Jupiter, trining your natal Uranus, sextiling your natal Chiron. Let’s start with Chiron who is in Taurus in your 11th house. You’re being offered a chance to embrace self-discipline like never before and step into a more public role as a healer. It means healing yourself first and leading by example…”

I focused on the sextile with Chiron to help explain the wellbeing challenges she was facing…

“Your healing is a practical thing now. It might include new technology or inspired methods, but it’s hands-on and tangible. Saturn brings realness so if you dedicate yourself, you’ll see physical results. That doesn’t mean work like a Generator, day in day out, but be dedicated in your own way. Set a goal and live for it. Saturn is work, but bring joy into your commitment by visualising the bliss when you succeed…”

Since my client was also curious about a current relationship, I was drawn to zoom in on Dark Moon Lilith…

“Your Dark Moon Lilith is actually being Sextiled by Saturn. Lilith is a point in your chart rather than a planet, and she wants to highlight what we hide. She can relate to our truth, the desires we daren’t utter aloud and what we really want from others in relationships. To help you work constructively with these shadows aspects, sit with the following questions and journal what arises…”

Towards the end of the reading, I felt a nudge from my guides to speak about Neptune. My readings are intuitive and I will speak into what Spirit lean me towards if they decide to share…

“Finally, spirit are insistent that I look at your Neptune. I’m directed towards transiting Neptune, which is also in Pisces. Neptune is conjunct Mars, in your 10th house. Let’s look at the house first…”

I can cover a lot of ground in my readings, always in strong relation to your area of interest and tailored to your Astrological understanding. If I know your design, I can share appropriate suggestions too.

If you're interested in revealing what the stars have to say about your current situation, try my Astro Insights Reading. If you love being ahead of the game, get prepped with Your Mercury Retrograde where I share how the upcoming transit will impact you personally.

Some of my services require exact (to the minute) birth timings to be at their most useful to you. Please double check your birth data when booking as refunds will not be given for inaccurate details. Some services are location dependent and may not be available in your area. Telegram Support services are offered within office hours/days and at an expected capacity of 30mins per day. Please note that you are completely responsible for your choices and individual wellbeing. Use of information shared is entirely at your discretion and I take no responsibility for your actions. All services and sales are subject to my T&Cs.

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