It's your time to Rise

"Why am I here?"

Have you… hit the milestones, played your role, ticked the boxes?

And yet… something’s missing, life feels hollow, there must be more?

Do you find yourself asking…

“Who am I and what am I here to do? What’s the purpose of my life?”

Here's how: first you need to see yourself clearly (that's the real You) to understand what your purpose is. Then you can release what isn’t your truth and honour what is, while letting your spiritual side blossom.

But doing this by yourself is rough. You need a guide.

You're not alone anymore

After decades of transformation work and lived experience, I'm here to walk beside you.

Join me for 12 weeks of mindful self devotion that will help you understand why you are here and how you can start living your higher calling.


Want to Rise? 

Rise will run twice in 2024. The spring session opens 7th May and the autumn session opens 2nd September.

Send me a message to join the waitlist.

How it works

You get real-time access to my esoteric toolkit and intuitive guidance. This is next-level stuff: my coaching bridges the gap between 3D and 5D. As well as high-quality coaching, we’ll use tools like Human Design, Astrology, chakra healing and spellwork, plus call on your spirit guides too.

1. We’ll open with a call to discover your status quo, your dreams, your challenges.

2. You’ll move mindfully through a beautiful workbook and we’ll stay connected via Telegram (it's like having me in your pocket).

3. Our second call marks the halfway point, to check-in on what's been happening and the path ahead.

4. As you complete your workbook in the second half of your journey, I'll continue to share exercises via Telegram and be there when you need me.

5. In the final week, we’ll sit down for another one-to-one to revel in your glorious progress and plan your next steps.

If this sounds good to you, book a call with me by hitting the button below.

Why it works

This programme takes the holistic approach. We work with the whole of your being which is why you can experience amazing results:

  • Starting in the physical realm, you’ll audit your relationship with yourself and others. Plus we'll look at your immediate environment and how it's impacting you.
  • Then we’ll shift into the mental sphere where you’ll balance your mindset and clear limiting beliefs. You'll expand your meditation skills too.
  • Finally, we’ll rise into spirit and get magical: you'll strengthen your relationship with your higher self and your guides. You'll also connect more deeply to your life's purpose and how to live it every day.

To secure your place, tap the button below to book a call with me so we can get you signed up.

What you receive

I put a huge amount of my time and expertise into this programme, making it as easy as possible for you to progress and experience huge shifts as you go.

-  Direct Telegram access to my know-how and guidance

-  Three 60-minute one-to-one coaching calls with me

-  A fun, supportive workbook (full of guidance, prompts and rituals)

- And… Your Human Design, Astrogeography and Astrology charts

- Plus... Special extras like Your Human Design Guidebook, Moon Diary and a Daily Meditation collection

To get all this, book a call with me to sign up by clicking the button below.

Invest in yourself

Because I put so much of my energy into each person I work with, places are limited on my 1-2-1 programmes.

I bring my A-game and make a big investment in you. I invite you to match my investment, mindfully putting time and money into your own future happiness.

  • Three months of my focused energy
  • Ninety days of devoted guidance
  • A custom-designed, enjoyable yet practical pathway
  • Your opportunity to totally transform for £2200

I know you’re worth much more than any price tag... but do you?

This a choice between continuing as you are… or embracing the real You!

I hope you know how valuable you are because there's no time to waste. Whether you work with me or another regal soul, remember... You've got *gifts* and the world needs you loving your life, living at your highest level. 

If this calls to you and you have questions, hit the button below to book a chat with me.

Your questions answered

What if I rock the boat or people think I’m weird? 

I'm going to let you in on a secret... I want you to rock the boat! If you’re not happy, things need to change! You deserve to be the hero of your own life and if you’re acting in a side part, stepping into that glorious spotlight is going to raise some eyebrows. But you know what? Good. People need to see and love you for who you really are, not just who they expect you to be for them. Also, being weird is cool; it means you're honouring your individuality.

Will this be right for me?

Most of my clients are female-identifying, between 30 and 70 years old and are high achievers. Some of them are brand new to spirit, with academic, corporate or science-based backgrounds. What they have in common is a desire to learn about themselves and embrace their truth. I work with people who want those things and are committed to their rising. We are souls in human form so I'm checking how our energy blends, rather than how someone identifies in this lifetime. Our differences make us unique and are to be honoured; wanting to rise higher, stand in our truth and improve our world unites us.

Is this a group programme? 

This is a one-to-one programme and you get my personal attention. I’ll be using your charts and individual qualities to provide intuitive guidance that is perfect for you, at the time you need it. You don’t share my energy in a group with hundreds of others. You get my full focus throughout and even when we're not interacting, I'm working in the background to support your upwards journey.

How much time do I need for this? 

The more often you choose to work on your own development, the better. But I created this programme with busy people in mind so roughly an hour a week will be enough. We use the Telegram app to make it easy to chat via text and voice notes, rather than having to arrange regular sessions. This programme fits around your existing commitments.

What’s the timeline of the whole programme? 

The first week is when you’ll fill in my pre-call booklet, we'll schedule our first call and get you set up with Telegram (I call this Week 0 as we prepare for a flying start). Then it’s time to start Week 1 of the Rise workbook, which you’ll move through week by week. In Week 2, we’ll have our first coaching call. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing exercises and chatting with you via Telegram whenever you need me. Our second call is usually halfway through the programme. By Week 12, we’ll enjoy our third one-to-one call and celebrate your amazing progress!

When do we start and finish?

There are two openings in 2024: we begin the spring session 7th May, concluding 4th August; the autumn session begins 2nd September and concludes 1st December. The programme runs over 13 weeks in total, each opening and closing with a New Moon. I accept a small number of new clients at a time so places are limited. If you're not ready yet and want to join next year, sign up to my email list for early access in 2025.

Can I work with you at other times?

Travelling through Rise with the Moon cycles has a potent effect. Though this is a one-to-one programme, moving in flow with the natural cycles as your fellow humans rise too is powerful magic! If this timing feels right for you, it's for a reason. To work with me outside of these timings, have a look at my Coaching menu.

Can I pay in installments? 

Not for this programme, here’s why… Transformation is our goal here. You want big change so you need to make a bold statement by putting your energy where your mouth is! Investing your time and money directly into your next big step is HUGE. You’re shouting to the universe that you’re committed and you’re not waiting any longer! Use that momentum to carry you through this journey - make it easy on yourself and dive in. 

Step up to your beautiful next level

Explore my other services: Human Design, Astrology, Astrogeography, Cards, Spirit. Get in touch to book.

Please note: I only work with clients that match my investment in their rising. You always get what you give and results are entirely dependent on the commitment you make. That's why we'll start with a call to check we're a perfect match before you make payment for my programmes. Some of my services require exact (to the minute) birth timings to be at their most useful to you. Please double check your birth data when booking as refunds will not be given for inaccurate details. Some services are location dependent and may not be available in your area. Telegram Support services are offered within office hours/days and at an expected capacity of 30mins per day. You are completely responsible for your choices and individual wellbeing. Use of information shared is entirely at your discretion and I take no responsibility for your actions. All services and sales are subject to my T&Cs.

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