Human Design

Your soul's blueprint

In my work as an Ascension Coach, I guide people to reconnect to and honour their true selves. My job is to help them progress on their path in this lifetime. 

Along with Astrology, Astrogeography, Energetic healing, Clairvoyance and the rest, I use Human Design to help people come into greater alignment with their true selves and life's purpose.

New to HD? Scroll down for a 3-minute article. Ready to book? Get in touch via my contact page.


Human Design for children

Make it easier to guide your child in becoming who they are born to be with this wall-worthy Artwork and 12-page booklet.

Human Design Services

Chart Booklet

A handy booklet containing your full chart diagram as well as some useful info on how to get started with your HD adventure. £10


Beginner's Guide ebook

Build solid foundations in your Human Design experiment with this easy-to-understand exploration of your Type, Strategy and Authority. Confirm which Type and Authority you would like to learn about when you order. £24


Children's Chart Wall Art

Make it easier to guide your child in becoming who they are born to be with this one-of-a-kind artwork! Glimpse your child’s incredible gifts and path ahead, plus how to best support their growth. Each piece is created with your child’s birth data (time, date, location) and based on their Human Design chart. It arrives as a high-res printable PDF, perfect for framing, with a 12-page guidebook sharing further insights and practical suggestions. £35


Personal Chart Reading

Discover the real you as I explain your soul’s blueprint and share how you can use this revelatory knowledge. Each reading is focused on your unique design and includes your Chart Booklet. Please have your exact birth time identified so we can explore accurately.

  • Master the Basics - ideal for HD beginners, easy-to-use info you need to know to get going.
  • Next Level - perfect if you want specific questions answered and focused, design-aligned guidance. I conduct a wealth of research and go into a lot of detail. 
  • Intensive - VIP deep-dives that include the basics if you need them plus everything we'd cover in a Next Level reading. These usually last 3 hours.

Written Readings: Master the Basics (£36)*, Next Level (£200)

Recorded Readings: Master the Basics (£36)*, Next Level (£265)

Live Readings: Master the Basics (£170)*, Next Level (£300), Intensive (£570)

In-Person Readings: Master the Basics (£270)*, Next Level (£400), Intensive (£650)

Please get in touch if you'd like to book a group session.  Live readings are conducted in an online meeting room, like Zoom or FaceTime. In-person sessions are location dependent. *coming soon


Align with Your Design Coaching *coming soon*

Step into flow with your true self with powerful intuitive guidance tailored to your design. Receive a Personal Chart Reading with complimentary Chart Booklet, enjoy a live 1-2-1 Q&A call with me, plus 7 days of personal Telegram support! £895


Personal Telegram Guidance

An amazing add-on to support your HD journey. Benefit from direct access to my expertise, ask questions and receive real-time answers. Receive practical exercises and intuitive suggestions tailored to your design. Choose the amount of time you want: from 2 days, 5 days, 10 days, 14 days or 30 days. From £50


Speaking and Events

To invite me to host a session at your event, speak to your group, guest on your podcast or contribute to your article, please reach out to set up a call so we can discuss your vision.

“Ciara is so passionate about Human Design and can explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Her coaching has led me to an understanding about my life’s blueprint, why I do certain things, why I think in a certain way… and most importantly offered me the right guidance to make necessary improvements. The things she’s helped me implement have been so life changing and strengthening.”

- Sabrina, UK

What is Human Design?

“Human… what? Is that some sort of biology thing?”

That’s usually the response I get when I mention Human Design in conversation. While it’s not biology, it is a science. Let’s have a closer look…

Human Design is a complex mapping system that draws on ancient and modern wisdom to allow us to take a look at who we are on a soul level.

With just our birth data, we can see our own unique energy mapped out on the page. Using this information, we can learn who we really are, what we came to do, how we function best, what is (and isn’t) truly ‘us’ and go on to live our absolute best lives.

Sounds cool right? It really is. You know how people say life doesn’t come with an instruction manual… it damn well does!

My own Human Design experiment began nearly five years ago and have found it to be perhaps the most powerful personal development tool I’ve encountered. Probably because it blends profound know-how from East and West, like the I'Ching, Astrology, the Chakra system and the Kabbalah.

Wondering about my design? I'm a quad left, split definition, 6/2 Sacral Generator who's up on the roof and in the fifth year of my experiment. I enjoy shores, things that taste great and dining in sunlight. I'm here for the big inner work and my favourite hobby is evolving, whether that's for myself or lifting others to higher levels.

There are many layers to HD so it’s important to move at your own pace through the levels of your chart once you get hold of a copy. I highly recommend starting with a chart reading. Find someone who is well-grounded in their experiment and knows their stuff.

For some, (like those with a 1 in their Profile), you might want to go the self-study route. This is great, just be sure that you read widely and keep an open mind before you commit to certain stories about the different aspects of your chart. Objective guidance from someone skilled in HD can deliver helpful reframes if you get stuck; this includes your peers or professionals.

The foundations are key to understand because you need excellent footing for the rest of the adventure. Trust me; you will be grateful later (and get better results) if you nail the basics before getting swept off by the fancy bits.

If you want an easy start, get my Beginner’s Guide and Chart Booklet bundle. This combo gives you a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the basics of your Type, Strategy and Authority and a full HD chart in PDF format.

To hear me talk through the key aspects of your chart, try my Recorded Chart Reading. This covers your Type, Strategy and Authority, plus a few extras. I also share any intuitive hits that arise as I read your chart. 

If you're ready to really get in tune with your truth, super-charge your journey with my Align with Your Design course. Enjoy personal HD-focused coaching to support you as you experiment. This is my favourite thing to do as I get to work with you longer-term and see you come home to yourself.

Keen to get going? Let’s get the info together. You’ll need your time, day, month, year and location of birth. The more accurate you can be with the time, the more we can learn about your design. Charts change minute to minute so exact timing is best.

What if you don’t know the exact time? I recommend seeking out a Rectification Astrologer who can nail down the time for you. Although I have found charts for friends based on a birth-time guess, it takes a lot of research and I need to know the person very well to match them to their chart.

In most cases, you can at least discover your Type, Strategy and Authority with just a rough idea of time. I encourage you to take a look and see. 

If you have the chance to access your chart, consider it an opportunity that’s been gifted to you. HD isn’t available to everyone. Some don’t get it, some haven’t heard of it yet and some will never meet it in this lifetime. If you’re reading this, it’s for a reason.

We each arrived on this planet with unique gifts to have a unique experience and contribute in unique ways. Our charts give us a beacon to follow back to our true selves. We each deserve to receive these insights.

It’s time to find out what treasures HD reveals for you!

Some of my services require exact (to the minute) birth timings to be at their most useful to you. Please double check your birth data when booking as refunds will not be given for inaccurate details. Some services are location dependent and may not be available in your area. Telegram Support services are offered within office hours/days and at an expected capacity of 30mins per day. Please note that you are completely responsible for your choices and individual wellbeing. Use of information shared is entirely at your discretion and I take no responsibility for your actions. All services and sales are subject to my T&Cs.

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