Blazing a trail

An Astrogeography map tells us where the main heavenly bodies in our solar system were travelling in relation to the Earth at a given point in time... Where they blazed a trail of energy.

With accurate birth data, you can snapshot these trails and discover where the planetary vibrations exist for you. It's an amazing tool that helps you get to know yourself, become mindful of your life's trajectory and of course, plan some amazing adventures!

Scroll down to read more about Astrogeogaphy. To book get in touch via my contact page.

Astrogeography Services

Chart Booklet

A digital booklet with your world-view chart diagram, which also contains some useful info on how to read your Astrogeography map. £10


Astrogeography Chart Reading

Understand your unique chart: explore your birth lines, the lines impacting you right now and lines that you can harness or tame, according to your aspirations. All readings come with a chart booklet to reveal your personal planetary positions, plus helpful tips. 

  • Master the Basics - ideal for Astrogeo newbies, covering what you need to know to start your cosmic adventure. Special focus on birth lines and how to harness their power.
  • Next Level - perfect if you want astro-aligned guidance that applies planetary power to real life. I conduct a wealth of research and go into a lot of detail based on your questions.
  • Intensive - VIP deep-dives that include the basics if you need them, plus everything we'd cover in a Next Level reading, as well as looking into your areas of interest. These usually last around 3 hours.

Written Readings: Master the Basics (£97), Next Level (£465)

Recorded Readings: Master the Basics (£165), Next Level (£530)

Live Readings: Master the Basics (£217), Next Level (£567), Intensive (£785)

In-Person Readings: Master the Basics (£317), Next Level (£667), Intensive (£867)

Please get in touch if you'd like to book a duo or group session. Live readings are conducted in an online meeting room, like Zoom or FaceTime. In-person sessions are location dependent.


The Astrogeo Adventure  *coming soon*

Superboost your life with planetary power!

  • Get a written Master the Basics chart reading plus chart booklet
  • Move through my Master the Basics Workbook to hone your knowledge
  • Share your experience and get answers in a 30-minute Q&A call with me
  • Enjoy 14 days' access to my expertise and guidance via Telegram

Perfect if you want to rocket-blast into exploring Astrogeography with my generous, fun guidance. £895


Speaking and Events

To invite me to host a session at your event, speak to your group, guest on your podcast or contribute to your article, please reach out to set up a call so we can discuss your vision.

"So accurate. I found it incredibly helpful to know that I am on the right path and that I have to keep going. I've been able to take in the messages that came through."

- Sophia, UK

As Above, So Below

Here’s a glimpse at some Astrogeo tips I shared with a coaching client who was making a huge life change; she was due to move to a new city, changing her job too, and was curious about what energy might greet her there…

“One major change that will impact you deeply is that your Pluto IC line will be stronger where you’re going.

This line can be challenging… but ultimately positive. It’s likely you’ll transform in some way here. But, based on your experience being born near to a Chiron line, I think you can handle it!

Because this is an IC angle, it’s going to be a transformation of your inner world. This makes sense - you are literally moving home so life will be different - but it’s going to cause an internal shift too. 

You might not feel comfortable on this line, especially if you’re going there hoping for not a lot to change. It can manifest as unrest in your private life, and you could be challenged to release old patterns, beliefs, structures, objects, etc. in order to progress. 

It’s possible that you might feel lonely here, because you’re leaving elements of your past behind; this kind of transformation process requires shedding of skins. If loneliness is something that concerns you, consider what lessons are held within the opportunity to be alone. 

And of course, bring in some supportive energy to balance it out. You don’t have to go full on Keats and reside in melancholy, there’s other planetary energy you can call on. Like your Sun, Venus or Jupiter  lines. Use the ‘Call In’ exercise and ‘Inner Retreat’ meditation to help you do this.

Like a butterfly, you will emerge into a state of grace after your experience with this line. If you can find a way to flow with the shifts by accepting the rolling changes, you’ll have a nice ride. Our work together on releasing trauma is greatly supported here so you can greatly benefit. It’s a powerful line to do your inner work on at a faster pace.”

If you'd like to sink your teeth into Astrogeography and use it to expand your inner (and outer) horizons, I highly recommend my Astrogeo Adventure course, which is super-charged with Astro-conscious coaching. Or take a smaller bite with a Chart Reading.

Some of my services require exact (to the minute) birth timings to be at their most useful to you. Please double check your birth data when booking as refunds will not be given for inaccurate details. Some services are location dependent and may not be available in your area. Telegram Support services are offered within office hours/days and at an expected capacity of 30mins per day. Please note that you are completely responsible for your choices and individual wellbeing. Use of information shared is entirely at your discretion and I take no responsibility for your actions. All services and sales are subject to my T&Cs.

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