Reach through the veil

Enjoy connecting to your loved ones in spirit in a remotely recorded or in-person reading with me. I offer traditional mental mediumship sessions where I'll share survival evidence as well as messages your spiritual team want to share.

Scroll down to read about my Spirit Sessions. To book please get in touch via my contact page.

Spirit Readings

Personal Spirit Readings

Hear from your team on 'the other side' as I describe them in detail and share their messages. A recorded session lasting up to an hour. Sent with a helpful guide to help you deeply receive what comes through. £155


In-person Readings

Experience a connection to your loved ones in spirit and receive their messages in a relaxed, safe space. In these hour-long sessions, you may experience some Spirit phenomena, like lights turning off and temperature changes. I also include an aura cleanse for you and blessing of the space. Location dependent. £350


Speaking and Events

To invite me to host a session at your event, speak to your group, guest on your podcast or contribute to your article, please reach out to set up a call so we can discuss your vision.

"I was crying the whole time and had this feeling of coming home to myself. Ciara makes you feel so comfortable and held during the reading."

- Merce, Australia

Ectoplasm? Heavens no

Curious about what happens when I connect to those who've passed? 

Here I share a little about what you might receive when you book a session, plus a few tips on how to work with what comes through.

Mental mediumship - Often people associate readings with the spiritualist craze of the early 1900s which often incorporated rocking tables and ectoplasm. My sessions are far less 'Hollywood'! For those seeking spooky-seance vibes, there are a host of theatrical practitioners out there to choose from. I work with Spirit on a mainly clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant basis. This means I sense spirit by sight, feeling and knowing. Sometimes I receive information I can hear, smell and taste too. I simply share what I sense so you can receive it too. When I host Spirit Circles we may see some physical phenomena, like flickering lights and odd sounds, but it's relaxed, real and reassuring.

How Spirit appear - When a communicator comes through, they usually present themselves in a way that will resonate with the person I’m reading for. Often they’ll show themselves as you knew them. But sometimes they will appear at a different stage in life, perhaps on their wedding day. Occasionally they will appear in a contrasting way to highlight a point or communicate an important message. That's where you get to work out what's going on!

Past, present and future - Mostly, the timing of an event I’ve been given to describe will be clear. I often get specific years, months and days. We all have so many significant dates in our lives, it might take some investigation to find out why the date means something. Other times, they might show me an event that just happened to show they were there with you. They may also show me something that hasn’t happened yet, so you have some expectation of it and know that they are with you when it does. Use your own intuition to decide which feels most right and then let time tell.

Embracing all loved ones - People often want to hear from certain loved ones, and that’s often who does come in. But someone unexpected can also show up if they have a more important reason for connecting. If you are hoping to hear from your mother, who was a lot like her sister, keep in mind that either could come through presenting ‘mother’ energy for you. It’s important not to miss out on identifying the true speaker because your mind is full of someone else. Also, if you didn't know your grandmother's neighbour during your life time, but she's come through with a key message, keep an open mind and do a little investigating.

You might be the messenger - What comes through in a session is almost certainly for you, as you have requested the reading so please listen with an open, requiring mind. You may also be chosen as a messenger. If you’re open to being read but others around you are not, spirit might take this opportunity to work through you on that person’s behalf. If you can’t take a piece of information, if it doesn’t fit, consider if there’s someone you know that it might connect for.

Delicate information - You’d expect personal details to arise during a session so you can identify who’s talking. Although often a step in the healing process, it can be hard for people who have trauma in their family history to contemplate having a session. I trust my customers to make a responsible choice about what is right for them when booking a session and to advise me if there is an issue.

Seeking validation - If you are considering booking a session because you’re seeking validation from someone who’s passed, you don’t need a session. You need to look inside and ask why you want external validation rather than feeling worthy from the inside. Although your loved ones often will share their love and support, don’t look to a session to confirm that they love and support you. You need to seek validation from one source only, and that’s your own self.

Taking advice - Spirit can occasionally arrive with a solid sense of ‘do this, do that’ and ask me to pass on the message. I will duly share what they bring forth because that’s my role as the Medium, however, that doesn’t mean we must follow their instruction. Although loved ones who’ve passed do have access to a lot more information than we do, it’s us who are still here living our lives. We make our choices using our own authority and decide whether something is alignment with our own truth.

All sessions with spirit are different, just like all people are different, but my readings are calm and reflective. I talk to spirit daily and most of the time it’s like having a normal conversation! In my experience and based on the feedback I’ve received, having a reading can be one of the most beneficial experiences of a lifetime.

Some of my services require exact (to the minute) birth timings to be at their most useful to you. Please double check your birth data when booking as refunds will not be given for inaccurate details. Some services are location dependent and may not be available in your area. Telegram Support services are offered within office hours/days and at an expected capacity of 30mins per day. Please note that you are completely responsible for your choices and individual wellbeing. Use of information shared is entirely at your discretion and I take no responsibility for your actions. All services and sales are subject to my T&Cs.

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