Site blessing

To Spirit and the Divine Source, my Higher Self and Guides, body, mind, and soul, and the Spiritual Teams of all who visit here:

All interactions are to be and to remain free from interference, negative or parasitic attachments and entities, harm, and deception/delusion of any kind, including egoic.

All interactions are to be and to remain healthy, healing, helpful, effective, empowering, completely safe on all levels, accurate, ethical, confidential where appropriate, in line with the highest good of all, and respectful of our autonomy, unique paths, and unique purposes.
​All information and energy exchanged shall be processed and transmuted by the Higher Self of all who visit, Guides, Gaia, and Source. All beings that may be involved (aspects of Self, Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ancestors, Animal Guides, Cosmic and Soul Family, and all other allies) are to be aligned to the Divine Source, truth, integrity, wisdom, service-to-others orientation, and the highest good of all. 

If any of these standards cannot be upheld, it is to be communicated clearly before interaction along with information on how the issue(s) can be resolved. 

I will not absorb energy from others. My Guides will block any negative potentials from taking place. My own energy will not be used, and my balance will be maintained. All energy needed for healing will come from Source.

Any excess energy created will be instantly released after interaction and return to Source. All will remain grounded and connected to Earth so that any excess energy received may pass through and down into Gaia. 

All who visit here will remain safe and protected at all times by their spiritual team in their own separate bubble of protection with the Armour of Source.

All will receive abundance and necessary healing from the interaction to feel energised and rejuvenated after. 

I walk in the light of the Lady. And so it is.

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